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Brownies are girls aged seven to ten who become a member of a Six and follow a programme called the Brownie Adventure.

Sixes can be woodland animals such as Moles or Rabbits or the girls may have chosen to continue with Gnomes, Sprites and Pixies. Being a Brownie opens up many challenges and opportunities to try new things and make new friends. Girls can explore other cultures, learn new skills and build on their current knowledge by working towards Interest Badges.

The Brownie Adventure is divided in to 3 areas – You, Community, World – allowing the girls to challenge themselves while learning about the world they live in.

In Aberdeen we’re fortunate enough to have Fyfe House where girls can enjoy a sleepover in their packs or head to the campsite at Crathes for a weekend of fun and adventures. Brownies enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, exploring the area and working together while having fun.


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